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Natalie DaSilva: Homeschooling the Sensitive Child

SKU: 2010-WS25

The sensitive child can be cautious, thoughtful, slow to try new things, and keenly aware of subtle nuances in their environment. These qualities can present special challenges—and opportunities—for homeschooling parents. Homeschooling a sensitive child requires sensitivity on the part of the parent(s), as the child learns to master new skills at a pace that is comfortable to them and in ways that fit their own unique set of strengths and vulnerabilities. We will explore how to bring out the best in your child through homeschooling, and identify specific approaches to work with your child’s in-born sensitivity. Learn how to help your child broaden their horizons, understand themselves, develop flexibility, learn and practice social skills, put their perceptivity to best use, and handle challenges in their learning environments.

Price: $7.00