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Jim Weiss: The Loving Father: The Why and How of Dads Telling Stories

SKU: 2010-F7

In an age in which children receive many competing, confusing messages, stories are among the greatest and longest lasting gifts that a father can give his child. Long before Jim Weiss turned his passion for telling stories into a profession, he told stories to his own child. A generation before that, Jim and his brother listened to stories from their father and grandfather. The results: a lifelong love of reading; an unquenchable thirst to learn; a passionate ability to listen, and a profound sense of passing along the central beliefs of those who came before us in an entertaining, memorable form. In this timely session meant especially for dads, Jim will share his own experiences and demonstrate clear ways to transmit beliefs and credos, and to show our children how much we love them through the stories we share.

Price: $7.00